Articles Tagged ‘shooting’

Title Created Date
Bullet shell dropping on asphalt outdoor 25 March 2015
Pistol bullet shell dropping on concrete indoor 12 March 2015
Shotgun bullet shell dropping on concrete indoor 14 March 2015
AK 47 rapid fire 18 June 2014
AK 47 single and rapid fire, reload 18 June 2014
AKS-74U 09 May 2014
MP 40 Schmeisser, vintage recording 25 November 2014
Sten mark 2, submachine gun 08 February 2015
Pistol, gun, Heizer Defense PS1 pocket shotgun 07 March 2015
Pistol, gun, vintage recording 08 February 2015
Starting pistol 11 October 2014
Submachine gun cocking PP-91 Kedr 31 May 2016

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