Sound propagation experiment


This video is intended for professional sound engineers, sound designers and for everyone interested in physics and propagation of sound.

First, I will measure the time it takes sound to get from the source to the listener from different distances. 

Second, I’m going to figure out how frequency response changes as the listener gets farther and farther away from the sound source.


I’m convinced all of these measurements will be useful to anyone who works with sound – whether you are mixing musical instruments, sound for movies, creating sound effects, or so on.

I done this experiment twice. In the winter and in the summer. To do these measurements, I chose these places.


Equipment for this experiment:

In the summer I used:

  • single studio monitor Adam audio A77X
  • microphone Neumann tlm 103
  • recorders Sound Devices 744T, Zoom H6.

In the winter I used:

  • a pair of studio monitors Adam audio A77X
  • stereo microphone Rode NT4
  • recorder Sound Devices 744T.